“Izo had previously worked for us back in 2015 with two of our employees regarding a conference they were due to speak at, and was immensely helpful at working on the speech, communication skills and preparation techniques. This year we needed Izo again to work with 3 of our employees and one client over Skype. She was very easy to work with, gave us detailed plans of what would be covered in the 4 hour workshop and the group were highly satisfied with their training afterwards.”
       – Laura Plaga, YLD
“My husband and I spent a long time trying to find the right teacher for our son Benjamin. Benjamin finds it hard to articulate his words clearly and Izo came highly recommended to us. She continues to work with Benjamin every week on his problem R and S sounds and we’re extremely pleased to see how much clearer his speech is and how his confidence is growing because of this”
       – Jill Cardini
‘I have worked closely with Izo, for three years, and have collaborated on public speaking coaching for children. Izo is very committed to quality and progress; she demonstrates a strong work ethic’
       – Ulvi Pepinova Chelsea Young Writers
Izo helped me for my first big public speaking event, and took me from someone who was very nervous, to being able to get past the initial hurdles , and to be myself. Once that barrier was broken, I was then able to go on to speaking regularly without being nervous. I highly recommend Izo!
       – Luke Bond, Developer